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>late April 2017> Plain and simple I had no prior access to lainchan before I received the password reset message. I installed Centos on top of the data. No plan, just a protest against the last 6 months of lainchan. When the site was sold Appleman refused help and refused to create relationships with the mods. Plenty of retarded changes have happened and almost all of the mods left since Appleman himself decided he did not need help.

After the wipe I was trying to setup a mastodon instance for my close lain friends. Seph went on to make jp and asked for my approval. I did not really want to go either way until things were sorted out between the first lainchan. plus I've been working a fuck ton. Regardless of my actions, this was inevitable. Sure, I probably accelerated it. we had a big mumble meeting with Appleman and he was more interested in transcribing the meeting than having any type of opinion. We were recording this meeting too until appleman wanted it stopped. Basically, it was like kicking dead whales down the beach. At this point, I believe jp has more of a chance to continue Lainchans vibe. that's where I'll be and that's where you'll find mods that care and work together. I hate "yes" men. Everyone made mistakes in this situation. In the end, the statement Seph wrote on the jp homepage convinced me. kalyx@openmailbox.org

> Spring 2017> This is a summary for auxo of Volafile.io. I’m living out of a 94 4Runner, it’s pretty comfy. It would be nice to take a road trip to Colorado and try some “Leafs by Snoop”. Online calculators suggest fuel for the trip will cost about $119. Everyone tells me “Why don’t you get a job at Aldi!? They pay like $15 an hour. Well, for starters, I already applied. They are not hiring despite what the window sign suggests. The pay rate is actually $12 an hour. I make enough money to live comfortably, take trips to the arcade, and go swimming at my gym. Somehow I was given an Amazon Prime membership for 3 years at no cost. How much is my purchase history worth to Amazon?

>This is the first arcade in town to get the LX cab. The guy in the hat is me.

> September 2016> I sold lainchan.org for some large-ish amount of money. It was a lot of fun, and so far the only succesful thing i've ever done. You guys kept the site alive, which kept me alive. Selling was a mistake.